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Stevenelectricbiker's True and Inspiring Real Life Story

By: Stevenelectricbiker

Stevenelectricbiker's true and very inspiring real life story. I first owned and operated a motorized bicycle when I was about 16 years old. The first motorized bicycles I had were gasoline powered. they were basically heavy-duty bicycles with small gasoline engines attached to the front wheel. They also had a small steel roller that turns the front wheel. My gasoline powered motorized bicycles could travel up to about 20 miles per hour. Even early on I was always, I am now and always will be very ,very safety conscious when riding my motorized bicycles. of course I always have done, I do now do always will ware my good quality safety hemet as well as my prescription eye glasses for very safe distance vision when riding my electric motorbike. I always controlled my motorized bikes very, very well. I have and always have had excellent skills and abilities in operating them very safely and efficiently. As motorbike technology improved, I upgraded to bicycles powered by electric motors and rechargeable batteries.

I was easily able to transition from gasoline powered to electric powered motorbikes. The electric bikes are far more efficient in every way. I continue to go throughout Brooklyn, everywhere that I need to go, and everywhere that I want to go as well, and much more so as well. The honest truth is that I have never had an accident of any kind on any of my motorbikes. All my family members always were and continue to be very , very proud and very impressed on how well that I do control, and always have controlled my motorbikes so very skillfully. They are also very proud of how much I enjoy riding them. As well my entire family has always been and continues to be very close as well as very proud of me in every way, and of course I am of them as well. The electric motorbike that I now own and ride has a rear passenger seat with retractable rear foot pegs

as well as a high security locking Rear saddlebag. In the back, I use them both very often by the way. My electric motorbike has a highly secure keyed ignition lock, as well as a high security keyed built in rear wheel lock. Also It has a cellular bluetooth remote controlled computerized locking cable alarm system, as well as a high-tech biometric computerized security system also, only my fingerprint can unlock it. It also has powerful sealed beam headlight, running lights and a very loud built in horn as well as a powerful combination taillight, brake light, and directional signals system. It has a state of the art hands free Bluetooth cellular communication and stereo system as well. Also I always wear my smart computerized Bluetooth controlled bike helmet with 80 Led lights on it as well, as providing me many high-tech computerized safety functions as well. By the way I have always worn a bike helmet since I was 16 years old. My current electric motorbike also has an integrated computer assisted braking system as well.

  My current electric motorbike has an intelligent computerized acceleration system with a variable twist throttle with a fully automatic computerized three speed self shifting automatic transmission as well as an on board computer witch controls and assists with many of my bikes very high tech functions as well. It also has a high tech electronically controlled throttle system. It uses a 48 volt 18 amp hour lithium battery that fully charges in 4 hours. And it also has a regenerative rear braking system, when I brake on my current electric motorbike it puts some electrical power back into the battery automatically. I always do and always have done and will always continue to store as well as charge my electric motorbike in my bedroom. A full battery charge will take me a full 30 miles distance as well as a 20 M.P.H. Maximum speed which is easily obtained within 10 seconds Full Throttle acceleration on level roadways running on pure environmentally very friendly electric energy. My current electric motorbike has a full one horse power electric power drive output. It weighs 95 pounds in total, and has an on board computer that helps control many of it's functions. It has a blue back lit multifunctional elaborate computerized dashboard display which reveals everything about my current electric motorbikes real-time current status I have owned and ridden on my present electric motorbike for 2 full years and I have ridden on it a full 5,000 miles totally, also it is definitely worth at least $2,000 though I bought it totally new for half that price, It was a display floor model in new condition in my very good friend's bike shop. All though I do almost all of my custom accessory electric motorbike work, and routine maintenance myself and always did, I do have an excellent mechanic who I have used for well over 20 years, and is a great friend of mine as well, who I do use from time to time. Many of my previous electric bikes had similar features and functions as well. I have been a direct care staff member at formally UCP/NYC , now our company name is Adapt Community Network for the past 18 years. I have many, many responsibilities and much authority , and a very, very important job working with all of my consumers. Often I Take one or two of my disabled clients out on community inclusion trips to buy things that they want to buy in local stores, and out to eat in local restaurants , and to see and do different things in the community as well. I also do a great deal of teaching of many different skills to all of my clients in our Dayhab. Center on an ongoing basis. All My evaluations and my job skill performance assessments and evaluations have always been phenomenal as well. I do now, and always did , and always will work part-time do to my life long slight developmental disabilities. Of course I am now and always have been and always will be glad that I do have slight life long developmental disabilities, because I know that they make me a much better much more caring, accepting, honest, and understanding person in all ways. Of course all my family members, as well as all my clients and co-workers fully agree with me very strongly in every way and more so in this matter. I do now, and always did, and always will continue to receive substantial financial assistance from our very generous american tax payers, and governments. and as to all those mainstream people out there who acquire a lot of wealth, power and physical possessions by being very competitive and stepping on other people to obtain all of that. I know they are all very immature simple-minded little jerky idiots. as well I really truly hope that something happens bad and their lives and they lose everything I would be so very happy to see that happen to all of them. My co-workers, clients and supervisors are all like my family to me. I really love working with them and helping them in every way. I often do things with my co-workers like have dinner and parties after work as well. After high school I attended a special program at Brooklyn Training Center, where I was trained as a nursing assistant. It was a program for people with life long slight developmental disabilities like myself. I was in training for one full year, five days each week, and from 9 o'clock am. thru three o'clock pm. each day. I definitely had an 85 average and I really enjoyed my training as well. and Of course I really learned a great deal as well during the year of 1989. My evaluations were terrific in all my classes. Incorporated in my training, I had one full month of supervised clinical experience training at Brooklyn hospital, a major teaching hospital in NYC. Also I am and have been attending a karate program at Y.A.I. for the past 9 years, witch is an organization for people with slight life long developmental disabilities like myself. I am a brown belt now. Because it has made me a much, much better person in all ways, I am really glad that I have had life long slight developmental disabilities that are totally caused by neurological factors. I would not want to have all the pressures and demands in my life that mainstream people face . I am really glad to share this really inspiring story with everybody that I can. I really hope it will help inspire many others a great deal as well. Also if you would like to please do send me a message through my website and I will certainly write back to you, of course I would really enjoy that a lot ! As a person who has lived and is living his life with slight developmental disabilities yet has always managed and continues to manage to make tremendous accomplishments in every way and more so. everybody in my life past and present knows and strongly agrees that I have made tremendous, fabulous accomplishments and strides forward in all areas of my life and they are all extremely proud of me in every way and more so.

Stevenelectricbiker's Wonderful and Enjoyable Summer at the Lodge

By: Stevenelectricbiker

I spent two weeks this summer at Harriman Lodge. I enjoyed my time there with great people and great activities. My favorite activities at the Lodge were swimming, horseback riding, motor boating, go karting, and the nightly parties. I have been riding horses at the Lodge for many years. When I ride horses I feel happy and excited! There is an activity every night, and I especially like the barbeques. I like to listen to the music and be with good friends at the parties. We have an outdoor, climate-controlled pool. It is 88 degrees every morning. I love swimming with my friends and the staff. I enjoy motor boating because it is extremely tranquil out on the lake. I have and always have had many great firiends at the Lodge, and the staff is and has always been great as well. By the way, all together I have attended the Lodge for 25 summers.

I really enjoyed doing things with the other guests and counselors. My counselors were lots of fun and had great personalities. Everything was very well organized and the food and lodging were excellent. The cabins were comfortable as well.

I love being in the country for two weeks. It is nice and peaceful, much cooler and quieter than the hot summers in New York City. I took many nature walks and enjoyed learning about nature with my friends. I enjoyed the beautiful flowers and interesting plants. The Lodge has two goats that we were able to watch and feed.

I certainly will continue to go to the Lodge every year, and highly recommend it to others at well.

Stevenelectricbiker’s Report on the Groveback

By: Stevenelecticbiker

I watched several programs on the Discovery Channel about possible alien creatures. One program I watched was called Alien Planet, and one of the creatures was extremely interesting to me. The creature is called the Groveback, and it lives on the fictional planet Darwin IV. It has a semicircle shaped head and it is approximately seven stories tall. It has two front legs, and a rear extremity that acts as a rudder to keep it balanced when walking. It buries itself in the ground, and absorbs nutrients from the soil using its two huge nostrils. It welcomes groves of trees to grow out of its back and offers them water in exchange for sugar. The Groveback has very thick skin, though it is still vulnerable from attacks by other creatures. I really enjoyed researching the Groveback, and I do really enjoy thinking about these similar concepts and ideas all the time. I hope you really enjoyed this article, and you are free to talk to me about all things unusual. By the way, I never slept on a pillow at night and I never will. I really feel that people who sleep with a pillow for their entire lives just because others do are conformist fools, I find them to be very strange in that way as well as many others.

Stevenelectricbiker’s Unique Opinions on Vacation Travel

By: Stevenelectricbiker

Of course I have been extremely successful in all areas of my life, but due to my pervasive developmental disabilities I have many unique thoughts and opinions on many topics that differ greatly from the mainstream views. For example, my hatred of vacation travelling is very different from many other people, but is very important to me. I think about it a lot. I hate the travelling part of vacations because I feel it is injurious to my safety as far as long car or bus trips go, also I feel out of control and confined on plane, train, and boat trips. Because of my constant muscle spasms, caused by my cerebral palsy, I feel tremendous discomfort sitting in a confined space for a long time without moving also it makes by butt numb. Another one of my concerns would be the likelihood of blood clots forming in my butt to then go to my brain and cause brain damage.

In my opinion, it is useless to travel long distances to just then come back in a short time. I also find the running around and confusion connected with traveling very stressful and not worth the hassle. While on bus trips, one thing that I hate is that over time, the public pooper sticks worse and worse. I was once hospitalized for a life threatening allergy attack causing anaphylactic shock and I couldn’t breathe and was placed on a ventilator temporarily. I am afraid that this may happen to me again due to the incredibly sticky pooper on a long distance bus, train, plane, or boat trip.

One exception that I make is traveling to my vacation spot, Harriman Lodge, once a year for twelve days, which I have done for the past 25 years. The bus trip is 2 and a half hours in each direction. I accept this because I work extremely hard all year long and accomplish a great deal, but I do need and love my 12 days in the country each year. I love Harriman Lodge so much that I am okay with the bus trip there and back.

These unique opinions are extremely important to me, and I think about them a lot. Unfortunately, many mainstream thinking people will continue to enjoy travelling, but I hope they really continue to enjoy their lost luggage, sick stomachs, cancelled plans, and stinky poopers.

Stevenelectricbiker’s Unique Opinions: People Owning and Driving Cars in the City

By: Stevenelectricbiker

As many of you already know, I have many unique thoughts and opinions that I enjoy thinking about a lot myself and love sharing with others. I feel very strongly that the mainstream ideas in our society that owning and/or driving a car represents being successful and important is nonsensical and immature. I know that in the big cities, public transportation is more than adequate, and the conventional idea that owning and/or driving a car is nonsense. Even if you lease an expensive car, it does not mean that you have a lot of wealth, it simply means that you are irresponsible and stupid in wasting the money you have on something you do not need when you can use it for practical purchases. Even if you are out driving a fancy car, you could actually be two payments away from it being repossessed. I feel very strongly that when I ride in a car or bus, my physical safety is at great risk because I could go easily from good health to being very severely injured in an instant. Even if I am with a good driver another vehicle could strike the one I am in at any time especially at highway speed. Also, even a good driver can make critical mistakes at any time. Because I have mild cerebral palsy and quadrilateral spaspasty, sitting in a small confined space, like a car or bus seat for extended periods of time, is extremely difficult and uncomfortable for me. One might think, having a car is convenient, but I hope you enjoy sitting in hours of city traffic, dealing with very difficult and frustrating parking situations as well as the great and unnecessary expense of owning and maintaining a car. Also many mainstream thinking foolish people think that owning and or driving a high end car is an acceptable way to try to impress the other sex, this is totally false and immature on their part, cars first came to be only to bring people and things from one place to another place, not to be signs of success Any person who falls for that is totally stupid and immature as well. and as for all those stupid idiots who's feel that it is prestigious, cool or macho to own or drive a car in the big cities really should have their license plates tattooed on their butt cheeks that is truly what I think of their stupidity and immaturity. By the way totally due to my neurological developmental disabilities also I am not into friendship at all because I know that friends are memrely people that did not piss me off yet. My whole family is everything to me and I am everything to my whole family always and ever. By the way, if you miss two more car payments you'll be back on your feet.

I really hope that people in general will be greatly enlightened by my totally factual and realistic opinions on these as well as other matters. Feel free to write to me to further discuss many opinions on this matter as well as other topics on my website: If you do agree with all my unique opinions then that is wonderful, but if you do not then if a physical confrontation does occur between me and whoever else then that is fine as well. of course I would never physically attack somebody for any reason, but if I was physically attacked by another person or people I would defend myself by whatever means necessary. 100%

Stevenelectricbiker's great success with using CBD oils (cannabinoid oils) I am Stevenelectricbiker, I am a very successful human services professional but as well as I do have and always had slight developmental disabilities totally caused by neurological reasons. As well I ride my electric motorbike all over Brooklyn very safety-consciously always and ever I go everywhere that I need to go and everywhere that I want

to and much, much more always and ever. by the way my job references work references and relationship with my family have always been consistently fabulous phenomenal always and forever but due to my pervasive developmental disabilities I do work and always worked part-time and I always will need to work part-time due to my slight developmental disabilities. I am helped a lot by medications from my neurologist who is great like Seroquel and luvox. But as well and was so I have been using the Wonder juice I buy on this website for the past five full years, as well as using other brands of CBD oils and CBD products and using them diligently the only times I do not use it is for safety when I am riding my electric motorbike or before I go on an electric motor bike ride is one situation also before a driving work when I am taking care of disabled people I do not use the CBD before ordering but other than that I use it all the time I have been using it a lot for the last four years and it's helped me immensely in many many ways of course I am referring to the Wanda juice that by on their website. is a great website great people great product great prices too. this medicine this Vape oil has helped me immensely over the last four years and helps me with perceptual skills concentration reducing compulsions reducing anxiety uplifting my mood and never logically making me a much healthier and more successful and better person overall I have a lot less compulsions a lot better perceptual skills and clearer perceptions and almost no anxiety a lot of confidence as well of course I will always continue using this CBD vape oil as long as I'm here to use it on this Earth God bless everyone have very happy and healthy and safe New year to everyone and their family as well.I am phenomenal a terrifically satisfied with this great marvelous product always have been and I always will be of course always and ever. it is a definite fact that using CBD oils as made me a much higher functioning a better person and and more so. By the way all my family members and medical doctors are delighted with the terrific phenomenal progress that I have made, as well as continuing to make using CBD oils. Also I myself definitely know a thousand percent that using CBD oils has made me a better person in every way and more so. By the way CBD oils ( cannabinoids ) have been totally legal and sold readily available over-the-counter in all 50 states of the USA. for the past 5 years, as a dietary health supplement with no known harmful effects of any kind in any way to anyone at all.     

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